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Global Environmental Lab (Private) Limited (GEL), was established in 1996, is the first dedicated environmental lab of Pakistan that is owned and managed by the private sector. After more than a decade of meticulous research and development, the lab has grown from initial operations being limited to the effluent analysis of certain parameters of NEQS to the additions of specialized and highly skilled services.

Today GEL has established its network of laboratories all over Pakistan. This expansion is the outcome of the rising economy and rapid industrial growth that led to the demand for a methodically superior and skilled environmental laboratory which was met only by the foresight and astuteness of the GEL management.

The management with its consistent endeavors for the betterment of the services provided by GEL has been certified for Quality Management System (QMS). GEL is also working on ISO 17025 accreditation and will soon be one of the accredited labouratories.

Sectors catered to
Today, GEL is the leading source of environmental solutions throughout the country. It is providing services to various sectors including:

Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Textiles Industries
Food Industries
Chemical Industries
Government Agencies (which includes Federal and Provincial EPAs)
Non Government Organizations

GEL’s reputation for scrupulous monitoring and highly skilled staff has earned it international repute. Today, organizations like the World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Mangla Joint Venture and the National Highway Authority (NHA) have shown their confidence on the authenticity of the Global Environmental Lab (Pvt) Ltd